Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Morning (Meat)ing-Verde Kaimuki

This morning I needed to conduct some business in Kaimuki which gave me a great reason to satisfy the everpresent craving for breakfast tacos at
Verde Kaimuki.

What I like about this place is it's no apologies, stuffed to the max, flavor filled breakfast taco that contains only the necessities (tortilla, egg, meat, seasoned potatoes).  Today, I went with the chorizo version, but they also have a bacon our soy-rizo option as well.  I also chose to top it off with their homemade mango habanero salsa which gave it that necessary breakfast taco burn. 

While well established that it is almost impossible to find decent Mexican good in Hawaii (this place is admittedly Cal-Mex), I would recommend it for those in need of a breakfast taco fix. 
(Meat)ing adjourned.

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