Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yelp Check: Salted Lemon (Liliha)

The other day, probably because it's starting to get hot by mid-morning, I felt the unusual craving for an Acai Bowl for breakfast.  Not having a clue where to get a decent one, I did a quick scan on Yelp to see what was fairly nearby with a decent rating.

Salted Lemon is a juice bar located in the heart of Liliha on Liliha Street.  Having a rating of 4.5 stars on Yelp after 130 ratings, While skeptical of Yelp, I figured it was at least worth a quick look since I needed to be in that area anyway.  Once I found parking on the street (they have no parking of their own), I walked inside to find a charming looking establishment in-between a couple of long-standing businesses in the area.

Once inside, I quickly ordered the Acai Bowl that drew me there.  Although they do have an interesting and fairly varied menu I did find that everything seemed a bit too expensive for a place that is off the beaten food path and doesn't have it's own parking.  

Having received the Acai bowl I ate it in fairly quick fashion and finished it in equally short time as well.  

While it is a very generous portion of Acai (almost a full pound) I did find that the sorbet a little light on flavor and wanted more tartness to match up to the sweetness of the honey and ripe bananas.  What I did enjoy is the layering of granola throughout the bowl so the diner is able to enjoy the complexity of this trendy yet healthy breakfast addition.

So was it worth the 4.5 Yelp stars?  Personally I would give it 4.0 stars taking away a half star for paying a large sum ($9.50) for breakfast without having parking provided to the diner.  All in all, I suppose this does match up closely to the bevy of Yelpers on this round.

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