Thursday, August 4, 2011

Restaurant Review (Bishop Street Cafe)

Today, I had rare opportunity to actually have lunch with my wife during a weekday since our schedules happen to coincide.  She introduced me to one of her new "cheap eats" places, Bishop Street Cafe, a very small yet efficiently run eatery that you order on the inside but dine on the outside.

With regards to the food, the prices are set very reasonably for lunch, ranging from $1.19 (grilled focaccia bread w/pesto dip) to $8.25 (Grilled Salmon Teishoku).  The menu ranges between three types: Italian, Japanese, Salads.  I ordered the Yaki Buta Don (grilled pork over rice) which came with a small cup of miso soup for $6.  My wife had a pasta dish tossed with oil, pepper, gargonzola cheese, tomatoes, and basil.  This came with a side green salad for another $6.  I thought I took a picture of both dishes but, unfortunately, only my lunch was saved to the phone (sorry folks).

Overall, the food was decent (pork was a bit dry), but for the price and considering the downtown location, I would certainly recommend it if you are already in the area but not as a special lunch trip with friends with your car.  If you like starch, this is the place as almost all their dishes are very heavy on the rice and pasta, and low on protein,  which would help explain the low cost of all the items on the menu.  Also worth mentioning, the service was fantastic and we got our food within 3-4 minutes of paying for it. 

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